A88 always tries to perfect, distill the quintessence in each design thought. We want to bring the best values ​​​​on the inherited foundation of modern science in the world into the works. The face of the city is shown through the dotted lines, painful reflections on a perfect and developed Vietnam!


  • Suggest an overall idea
  • Space function ground
  • Develop overview details.
  • Technical data of water supply and drainage.
  • Structural Technical Profile.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Present the idea board
  • 3D project presentation

We are very pleased with our new home. It really makes me want to come home after a tiring day at work.

MR. N – Fashion store owner Germe

The design team is enthusiastic, has a high sense of responsibility and creativity, has helped me have a very satisfactory wedding party.

Miss Dang Thu Thao

I really like the creative space filled with emotion and sublimation in each design

Composer Ho Hoai Anh

My family is very happy when A88 Design complete the house completely.

Head of City Land Department

I am satisfied with the architecture that A88 Design brings

Kuruma Oh Anjo – Owner of a German auto business in Japan

Thank you for the impressive architectural space A88 Design has brought, making our customers more comfortable when coming to the restaurant.

Yoshihito Yamada – Owner of a sushi restaurant in Osaka