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But a part of him did. He jerked a bit before flopping his head to look at Tony. No one's life was perfect, but the good and the bad things balanced out. And Tony is messaging him asking him to come over and watch stranger things but he keeps saying no, hey! Cap asked him the first question. Tony launches a cannister of the formula at the bad guy and when it doesn't automatically work the way he thought it should he accuses Peter of switching the formula Tony and Bruce created out and replacing it with his own. [oneshots, completed] "I just wanted coffee Mr. Stark, is it too much to ask for?" rec lists. After he had to make everyone forget him? Destined for rotten luck. In the aftermath of the events of Civil War, Tony must deal with the emotional and physical trauma left behind (and of being left behind by) Team Cap. also this could just be a rhodey appreciation rec list because he is my favorite and i adore him and a good chunk of these have gr8 rhodey moments. oh crap.. And so she snapped, one singular sentence on her mind. The sound sorta, uh, cut out. Peter asked nervously, and said nerves were confirmation enough for May. May brings home her new boyfriend. No way was he gonna come down from that anytime soon (lies). Couldnt really keep taking stuff from school. Hes also a part of the Avengers Pack, when packs are considered socially unacceptable and backwards. Hell, he saw his brilliance nearly every day since he woke up from his coma. Avengers Team & Peter Parker (2944) Peter Parker & Tony Stark (2406) Pepper Potts/Tony Stark (644) Peter Parker & Natasha Romanov (524) Ned Leeds & Peter Parker (501) Peter Parker & Steve Rogers (455) May Parker (Spider-Man) & Peter Parker (424) Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker (397) Tony flashes Peter a grin at the boys amazed expression. avengers fanfiction peter hurt on patrol Because they dont know hes spider-man he thinks itll be fun to throw himself out the window. Everything Comes Back To You: Chapter 6: Trope: Argument by losingmymindtonight. He opened the file, his brows furrowing. or or;Febuwhump alternate Prompt 8(Found footage). I wouldnt even know what to charge- I mean, whats the street value of a blow job, Ned? On the same vein, I'd love any fics where Clint has trouble being accepted by the team-because he isn't sure how to behave around a group, or whatever-or is excluded/feels left out-cue avengers team feels : ) Whats wrong? If you finish it you get a t-shirt and your photo on the wall. Looking through his system, he noticed there was no other file named something with the word kid in it. Peter Parker never knew he had a "real" name. The next night he got home (yes, before his spider-curfew; that was an argument he did not want to have with May again!) The kid was buzzing with adrenaline. When Tony finally tells Peter why theyve been neglecting him, Peter has a full on panic attack combined with an asthma attack. Tony sighed as the rest of the Avengers went to get up. Everything that could possibly go wrong in his life went wrong in the worst way possible, almost every time. That was a stupid thing to say. His dad. There will be a note at the beginning of the snippet. But they didnt care! The only problem? L'un comme l'autre vont devoir s'adapter ce nouveau quotidien plac sous le signe de l'inconnu, entre surprises et dconvenues - et, peut-tre, dcouvrir la signification du mot "famille"(Mais pourquoi faut-il quun drle de machin extra-terrestre ait choisi cet instant pour dcider de faire des siennes en ville ?!). Tony went to grab the kid's arm when the kid moved again. Peter Parker was he rock and he was the anchor. Certainly from someone like Peter, who wasnt very important. The thing you didnt know you wanted but you got anyway, G A Y BECAUSE YOU GUYS CANT GET ENOUGH OF IT, face reveal and ur salty cuz its not an update. rec lists, What are your top 10 favorite Irondad fics? They were pretty good teams, Peter figured as he looked around, and he actually found that he was getting quite excited. Or she didn't know. Who the fuck does this guy think he is? also, this will be the lastpeter cries because of *insert persons* behavior/x person or persons are mean to peter rec lists for a while because ive done a few similar ones in the past! Cold, Cold, Cold by Heckyheck_Icravedeath. I on the other hand am really into angst so i sure do. And who will pay the price? dont forget to like and reblog the fic! Was he real? Or:Peter goes missing. Featuring: Trans Peter Parker, actual dad Tony Stark, Bestest Friends Ned and MJ, and a whole lot of love and affection. Chapter 5 Huh? Mays new boyfriend proves himself to be a grade A-asshole when he decides to abuse Peter. IronDad Bingo Fic #1Trope: Protective Peter Parker. "Something shattered inside him. For some reason, this became a lot more poetic and introspective than Id planned. adults are mean to peter rec list rec lists. Mr Stark was probably too busy to notice when he got a message. He isn't usually like this, he's just super tired, so tomorrow, you'll probably see him when he's a literal angel. Venom (Or "Eddie Brock" I suppose) is rooted in his hatred of Spider-Man and/or Peter Parker, as well as his symbiotic relationship with the, uh, Symbiote. what, you dont subscribe to shit chocolate wrapped around peanuty goodness? Rhodey realizes his mother-henning tendencies exceed even his own expectations. The Battle of New York, getting bitten, The Blip - but they were several years away from the Blip. If you finish it., 5 times Peter is stuck with Tony by iron_spider, I wonder if Peppers reported me missing yet, Tony says, with an exaggerated sigh. No its not, Ned. Tony went to grab the kid's arm when the kid moved again. 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Now he just wanted to lie on the couch with his kid next to him and watch movies the whole night. So he accepted his place and did everything he could in order to prove that he can be useful. Tony decided to ignore it. Avoid them when he can, and when he can't, put on a smile and pretend he doesn't hate them. Hes fine. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Tony sighed, it was Sleepy Pete. I could be wrong though, so Im sorry if I am. bless you for doing the lord's work. Tony, Steve, Sam, and Clint love to tease Peter about being cute and cuddly. I asked if you were binding right now, She repeated, voice stern. tonystephen rec list Peter resisted, but being the tired and light teen he was, he ended up flying into his mentor. A collection of one shots revolving around Tony Stark having a fatherly relationship with Peter Parker. did you tell him thank you for the webbing stuff? When he got back to the team, who had wisely stayed out of it, he was bombarded with questions. Bucky was returning to one of the small apartments Wakanda kept as safe houses in the States, when he was greeted by a tied-up teenager in the middle of his living room, staring at him with wide, panicked, deep brown eyes.--------------------------------------Bucky doesn't recognize the teenager someone has dropped off in his apartment, but that's not going to stop him from protecting Peter Parker at all costs. Male omegas are so rare most people dont think that they exist. I know. Fear all else but never me. If I fail this final then Ill fail the class and if I fail the class then Ill be kicked out of school-. 5 times Stephens hands would shake, +1 time they didnt. Sequel to Five Times Peter Impresses the Avengers A secret revealed, An enhanced teen sneaking out. Of course Peter did not do that and denies it but Tony is convinced that the formula he and Bruce made couldn't possibly be a failure because they're super smart and talented know-it-all grown-ups and Peter is just a kid so of course Tony then accuses Peter of lying and blames him for The Avengers almost losing. "It's time to start anewrebuild the Avengers with new people. Devastated after the explosive conflict in Siberia, Tony finds himself in London trying to fix the Sokovia Accords and move on with his life. "You're all mine; the hair, the lips, the body, it's all mine." The Rogue Avengers have come home and Tony introduces them to Peter - not Spider-Man. cassandra darling when will you tell the truthor. sugarfairy1976 Uh, Mr Stark? Peter managed, eyes wide. She still made him tell her everything he did (usually he understated everything dangerous, and overplayed the cat-in-tree angle, but he knew she knew he was doing it, and it seemed to work for them) and waited up every night he was out, but there was less tension in her face. When Loki starts taking out Tony's ex-teammates as a courting gift to him, Tony can't but be oddly fascinated. (or: five times Team Cap screwed up + one time they did okay), Prompt: One of the Avengers accidentally hurts Peter and Tony is furious, so not only is Peter badly hurt but another member of the team is stricken with serious guilt.. Each one leaving them with the question of whether or not theyll be able to survive the next hit. The mess with the Accords had been dealt with and the group known as the Rogue Avengers had been pardoned. And a Stark Industries pen. SadTeam Cap gets shit explained to them, so they understand they are the ones in the wrong. The Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel are barely holding back the invaders attacking Earth. God, this is going to kill him, isnt it? It was unavoidable that they would argue eventually. Aka the Avengers and Harley pull up and shit goes down. - 29/01/23, +1 of "five times peter's background seems sketchy". Peter swung the door open and stalked in, completely ignoring everyone in the room. and found a paper bag on his bed with Supplies, use responsibly TS written on it. Tony had always found the aftermath of violence the most harrowing. I dont owe you an apology for anything, and I dont owe you forgiveness., So this is about me then, isnt it? Whooping Cough, she said. Tony gets shot at a lunch with Peter, and Rhodey and Peter spend a few hours together in an OR waiting room. Also I absolutely love your blog and all the fics you recommend are amazing!, my darling i sure do! Precious Peter Parker Kid Peter Parker Peter Parker Needs a Hug Tony Stark Feels Tony Stark-centric Abused Peter Parker Tony Stark is Good With Kids Genius Peter Parker Genius Tony Stark POV Tony Stark Howard Stark's A+ Parenting Neglected Peter Parker Teen Tony Stark Tony Stark Does What Tony Stark Wants The public announcement of the pardon will probably be today on the evening news, but it was put on record in the government about half an hour ago, which means by now TChalla has probably found out about it. NOTE: There is kidnapping and captivity in this fic, but the main focus is the aftermath. and how Steve could possibly know about kid? His hair was a mess of curls and his movements were sluggish. Over the decades, many have tried to create enhanced soldiers, but few actually succeeded. shaka wear graphic tees is candy digital publicly traded ellen lawson wife of ted lawson avengers fanfiction team hates bucky. And that doesnt sit well with Tony at all. Mr Happy said I should. thanks! With the stark realization that the injuries he has sustained are potentially life-changing, Tony's outlook is bleak. Currently, Peter was wearing a sleeveless Spider-man shirt that has a hood on it, and grey sweatpants, so all the Avengers saw the muscles on this random 15-year-old kid (he's forever 15 in my mind). He had to know if one of them knew the kid. He was in his room, homework scattered all over his desk, the dim light set at a level comfortable for his enhanced vision. or or;Febuwhump prompt 28 ("Youre safe now"). Harry Potter wants a new start and as the newly titled Master of Death, he thinks he deserves it. Singed by what? This verse ignores the events of Civil War because they make friendly storytelling very difficult. This last one is worth 60% of our grade! Peter Benjamin Parker never existed there. Clint is slinking around in the ceiling vents one night when he comes across Peter Parker bleeding out. Also, Peter makes Tony proud. After the Avenger's rescue him, Tony has trouble being there for Peter-- even if he's doing the best he can, his absence convinces Peter that he is no longer wanted. Ruining our trip, Its not ruined, Peter says. Peter Parker is dead, now it's time for something worse to rise from his grave and take revenge for the death of Peter Parker, while making new allies and stopping extra-terrestrial threats.

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